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2016年第12届RUBY CUP又要重新开战了



第一阶段 (日期:- 26.3.2016, 11pm 之前截至) 报名费:- RM400
第二阶段 (日期:- 30.3.2016, 7pm 之前截至) 报名费:- RM800
保证金:- RM300 (可退还)

比赛日期:- 9.4.2015 (星期六)
比赛地点 : 半山巴公民小学有盖篮球场 以及 大马篮总体育馆。

领队会议和抽签日期:- 30.3.2016 (星期三) 8pm

报名表格以及缴交费用单据必须电邮至 (1) secretariat@klba.com.my 以及 (2) leonna865@gmail.com

任何更进一步的详情及报名细则,请游览吉隆坡篮球总会网页www.klba.com.my 或 Like 追随 KL Basketball Association 面子书


2016 Ruby Cup is back !!!
KLBA will organize the 12th KLBA/Ruby Cup U17 Basketball Championship and its registration starts now !!!

Due date for Submission of Entry Form
1st Dateline Due:26.3.2016 (Sat) 11pm, Entry Fee:RM400.00
2nd / Final Dateline Due:   30.3.2016 (Wed) 7pm, Entry Fee:RM800.00
Deposit:RM300.00 (Refundable)

Tournament Start Date: 9.4.2016 (Sat) – Play during weekend only !

Tournament Venues
SJK(C) Kung Min – Jalan Landak, Pudu, KL
DBKL/MABA Stadium – 6 Jalan Hang Jebat, KL

Team Managers Meeting / Draw: 30.3.2016 (Wed) 8pm, at KLBA Office (5th Floor MABA Building)

Entry Forms and Registration Fees COMPULSORY email to (1) secretariat@klba.com.my 以及 (2) leonna865@gmail.com

For more details, please visit www.klba.com.my or follow / Like KL Basketball Association facebook.

Register ASAP !!!


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