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KLBA M-Tel – U17 Basketball Championship

2018 KLBA U17 Schedule
2018 KLBA U17 R&R
Team Registration Form
Playing Consent Form
KLBA 12 Players List

Clinic Registration 2018

Clinic Registration Form 2018 – PDF
Clinic Registration Form 2018 – DOC

KLBA U21 Basketball Championship

KLBA U21 2018 Schedule (VER 2)
KLBA U21 2018 Rules & Regulations
KLBA U21 2018 Entry Form

U12 & U14 Hari Hari Grassroots Basketball Championship 2017

U14 & U12 Hari Hari Schedule 2017
KLBA Hari Hari Cup 2017 U12 & U14 R&R
KLBA Hari Hari Cup 2017 U12 & U14 2017 Entry Form



KLBA/Jen’s Cup 2017

Mtel Cup Schedule 2017 (Final)

Mtel Cup Schedule and Results 2017

Jen’s Cup U17 2017 Rules and Regulations

Jen’s Cup 2017 Registration Form

KLBA/Evergreen Cup 2017

Evergreen Cup 2017 Schedule and Results

Evergreen Cup 2017 Schedule (First Week Only)

Evergreen Cup 2017 U15 Rules and Regulations

Evergreen Cup 2017 Entry Form

Excel Database Sheet 2017 (U15)

Guidelines for KLBA Tournaments

Piala Hari Hari 2016 U12

Hari Hari Cup 2016 Schedule (Open and U12)

Hari Hari Cup 2016 U12 Rules and Regulations

Hari Hari Cup 2016 Registration Form

Excel Database Sheet 2016

Piala Hari Hari 2016

Hari Hari 2016 Rules and Regulations (Latest Sept)

Hari Hari Cup 2016 Registration Form

Excel Database Sheet 2016


Evergreen Cup Schedule (2016)

Evergreen Cup 2016 Entry Form

Excel Registration Form

Evergreen Cup 2016 U15 Rules & Regulations

RUBY Cup 2016

Ruby Cup 2016 Schedule and Score Update | READ IMPORTANT NOTICE HERE

Ruby Cup 2016 Schedule

Ruby Cup 2016 Ranking

Ruby Cup 2016 Rules and Regulations

Ruby Cup 2016 Registration Form


Registration Form MSWP

KLBA/HSB Cup 2016

HSB U20 Basketball Championship Schedule

Rules and Regulations for KLBA/HSB U20 Tournament

Registration Form

Hari Hari Cup 2015

Hari Hari Cup 2015 Schedule Ver 4

Hari Hari 2015 Rules & Regulations PDF

Hari Hari Cup 2015 Registration Form

Ruby Cup 2015

Ruby Cup 2015 Final Schedule

Ruby Cup 2015 Rules and Regulations

Ruby Cup 2015 Team Registration Form

KLBA Player Registration Form 2015

Evergreen Cup 2015

Evergreen Cup 2015 Schedule Ver Final

Evergreen Cup 2015 Registration Form

KLBA MABA Player Form 2015

U15 Rules and Regulations 2015


Buku Peraturan KLNC 2014

KLNC 2014 Entry Form

Evergreen Cup 2014 Registrion Form

KLBA MABA Player Registration Form

KLBA Competition

Hari-Hari KLBA Basketball Championship 2014 Entry Form

FIBA Rules

FIBA Official Basketball Rules

FIBA Rules Official Interpretation

FIBA Official Basketball Equipment

Court Lines

FIBA 33 Official Rules

FIBA 33 Scoreshee

FIBA 3X3 Rules of The Game

3X3 Rules-Chinese (Video)